question archive 1) Design principles help artists organize their artwork

1) Design principles help artists organize their artwork

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1) Design principles help artists organize their artwork. In many ways, the principles of design are similar to the way we organize our daily lives. For example, you could relate rhythm to your daily routine. What are the most important principles of design in your daily life? Make an argument for the principle(s) that dominate your day to day life and why. Also, are there any principles you avoid or that simply do not appear much?          Make sure you describe how you use the ones in Chapter 5: unity and variety, balance, emphasis and subordination, scale and proportion, and rhythm.

2. For this assignment, you will select a 2D print from your home, workplace, or online art museum gallery that interests you. Take a photograph of the 2D print or save an image of the print, and include it in the worksheet. In the  Unit IV Assignment Worksheet , answer questions about the print to identify the design principles in the print and to describe its characteristics.Remember to write in complete sentences and use proper grammar.


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