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Write an article on The Language Arts Unit Plan

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Write an article on The Language Arts Unit Plan. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

The student will use their oral language to improve vocabulary by reading a short story and will write down on a sheet of paper any new words that they do not know. For example, croaker-sack, kindling, scowling, sycamore tree are some of the possible new words. The students will begin to use the dictionary to look up the meaning of the new words after they try to figure out the meanings from the story. This activity will be done after the first reading of the story. The students will also read this story silently.

Materials—Copy of Story “The boy and The Ghost” by Robert D. San Souci. Paper and PencilProcedure— Students will sit in one group or in small groups and read the story to each other taking turns in reading each paragraph. The teacher will take short notes when students may have trouble with certain words.Assessment—The teacher can ask the student to write down the word or words that the students may stumble with when reading and then practice saying the word or words by sounding them out.

The teacher then can ask the student to give the meaning of the unknown word by reviewing the story context.Behavioral Objective— Students will use the story to learn the concept of making compound words. The student will read through the story and write down all the compound words on a sheet of paper. The students will learn what makes a compound word. They will also learn that a compound word is made of two separate words that could stand apart.Materials-- Copy of Story, Paper, and PencilProcedure— Students will read through the story and when they come to a compound word they will write it down on their papers.

The teacher can then ask them what two words make the one compound word that they found.Assessment-- To check for understanding the teacher can ask the student to read the story and when the student comes to a compound word he will state the word, then the student states the two words that comprise the word.


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