question archive For your process analysis prewriting, choose one of the following topics

For your process analysis prewriting, choose one of the following topics

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For your process analysis prewriting, choose one of the following topics.

  • Identify and describe the steps you take to manage your time to balance school, work, family, and other responsibilities.
  • If you have difficulty managing your time, identify steps you could implement to help accomplish your school, work, family, and other responsibilities.
  • If you have succeeded in creating a good balance between work and life, work and school, or work and home, explain the steps you took to achieve that specific balance.

Prewriting Instructions:

This prewriting assignment requires two paragraphs. Each paragraph employs a pattern of development that was covered in the reading for this lesson. Before you begin, you should review narration, description, and process analysis by reviewing the required reading for Lesson 5. You should also review the section on freewriting in chapter 4 in your textbook. Because this assignment focuses on your own process for managing your time or achieving a work/life balance, you will use first-person (I) point of view.

For your first paragraph, use the narration, description, and illustration techniques you learned about in this lesson to describe your daily activities. You’ll write about the activities you dedicate time to including schoolwork, family responsibilities, and your job. Also include other pursuits such as hobbies, sports, and volunteer and social activities that occupy your time. This paragraph should be between 500–550 words.

In your second paragraph, focus on your steps. Identify 3–4 steps that you have taken or that you could take to manage your time or achieve a work/life balance. Use process analysis to explain each step in detail. For example, you may use a calendar app on your smartphone; explain which app, what functions you use, why it’s a valuable tool, and how it helps you.  You’ll write between 500–550 words for this paragraph too.

The prewriting effectively addresses the purpose of the assignment and the requirements of the prompt.

  • The writer addressed all three areas of his or her life: home and family, school, and work.
  • The writer used narrative and description to show the reader what is happening in his or her life at the present time.
  • The writer used description and process analysis to show how he or she manages his or her schedule.
  • The content meets the requirements of the assignment and includes two paragraphs that begin with a topic sentence that introduces the main idea of each paragraph: what is happening in the writer’s life; how the writer manages his or her time.
  • Each paragraph is developed effectively and presents enough evidence to use in the process analysis essay.
  • The paper is reasonably free of errors that interfere with a reader’s ability to understand the content and met the length requirement of 1000-1100 word while using the required header, font, line spacing and margins.


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