question archive Write 5 pages with APA style on Vodou in Africa and the Diaspora

Write 5 pages with APA style on Vodou in Africa and the Diaspora

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Vodou in Africa and the Diaspora.

Whereas Bondye created all, religion prohibits bothering deity with human issues. Instead, the Voodooisants resort to their children through prayers and devotion. The children of Bondye are referred to as lwa who are also the spirits who are obligated for various aspects of daily life. There is a further division of the lwa into nations such as Rada, Congo, Petro, which in turn give rise to families like Ghede and Ogou. The people of Vodou cultivate relationships with their lwa via prayer, offerings and devotions ceremonies and possession.

Thus, the close working relationship between lwa and Voodooisants helps navigate via life together with its obstacles and hurdles. The paper, therefore, seeks to investigate and present the origin of Vodou, their practices, and survival.The Vodou primarily developed in New Orleans and Haiti pointing towards the existence of one god, Bondye accompanied by various spirits, lwa who is always reproached since he is more tangible and present than the distant Bondye (Gordon, 2012). The religion begins during human civilization and hence the best example of syncretism in the Americas.

Despite, the essential wisdom that originated in various regions of Africa prior to the Europeans instigation of the slave trade, this religious structure as currently constituted was born in Haiti during the European colonization of Hispaniola. It is ironic that even after the Europeans had desolated the ethnic enforced immigration of enslaved African from various ethnic groups, they still provided the circumstances for the development of the Vodou. The transplanted Africans found in their faith a common thread hence started to invoke their own gods and practiced rites other than their own (Peek & Yankah, 2004).

Their commingling and modification of rituals of different ethnic groups leading to different&nbsp.religious groups integrated their beliefs and hence created a new religion, Vodou. The word was, therefore, a derivative of the West African, Vodun that meant spirit. Therefore, Vodou is an Afro-Caribbean religion that integrated the practices from several African ethnic groups including Fon, Nago, Ibos, Congos and many others.


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