question archive Write 5 pages thesis on the topic philosophy in law final

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic philosophy in law final

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic philosophy in law final.

Some of the topics that these black philosophers are currently teaching and writing include law, physics, philosophy of language, ethics, logic, epistemology, history of philosophy, philosophy of mind, ancient philosophy, philosophy of science, and many more others. Quite a large number of African-American academically trained philosophers are engaged in publishing scholarly articles as well as academic books that contain topics that are directly related to either race or other aspects concerning the experiences of African-American people.

Indeed, a majority of African-American philosophers have found themselves concentrating on “social analysis” that revolves around the concept of “the hard and brutal facts of the case,” as observed by Martin Luther King (Papish, 2015).

Though there is a myriad of literature reviews showing various philosophers and how their works have shaped the concept of law, there is little of such literature reviews touching on African-American philosophers. Therefore, this research paper will seek to show how the works of African-American philosophers have shaped or influenced the concept of law.

The main source of data used for this research was secondary sources that mainly comprised of books and journals. This method was appropriate since it is relatively cheap as considered to primary sources such as interviews and administration of questionnaires. Additionally, the information obtained is relatively accurate because information stored in a book is not subject to change or distortion over a period of time (Kerr, 2014). Furthermore there are various different books and journals that talk about African-American philosophers hence provided enough amount of material for comparison.

The data obtained was mainly analyzed through comparison of the ideas that each author presented in the journal or book.


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