question archive Survey or Implementation Paper The term paper must be done individually, and it can be related to an image processing topic of your choice

Survey or Implementation Paper The term paper must be done individually, and it can be related to an image processing topic of your choice

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Survey or Implementation Paper

The term paper must be done individually, and it can be related to an image processing

topic of your choice. Your paper must compare and contrast at least three papers on the

topic of your choice.


Format and Length

The paper should be type-written (1.5 spaced) and between 6 and 9 pages in length


• Title Page

• Table of Contents

• Introduction

• Literature Review

• Methodology

• Discussion

• Conclusion

• References


Title Page

The title page is the first page of a term paper. It is not numbered. It contains details of:

• the title of the paper

• the title of the course and instructors' name(s)

• the author's/ authors' name(s) and email address(es) or other contact details

• the date of submission


Table of Contents

• Include all pertinent sections in the table of contents (i.e. Introduction, Literature

review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Bibliography, Appendix)

• Number your table of contents

• Include page numbers

• Use sub-points and indent these

• Use explicit but brief titles and sub-titles

• Structure your paper according to your focus of interest



The introduction follows the table of contents and is the first page of the project, which is

numbered. The aspects to be addressed in the introduction include:

• Problem statement (what is the research area?, what is the question posed in the


• Motivation for research (e.g. research gap, desire for replication of results, ...)

• Brief details of research conducted

• Paper structure




Literature Review

An academic paper should reflect a wide reading of the subject area and a good

understanding of key concepts and findings. Make sure to select only those studies most directly related to the question at hand. You should not simply provide a summary of each study but rather tie together the results of the studies so that their relevance is clear. When conflicting findings are reported in different studies, suggest possible explanations. Finally, mention the method (implementation paper)/ methods (survey paper) chosen in the current paper along with a justification of your choice.



Explain the details of methods used in the paper in your own words based on your




You can include some results from the papers you are surveying if they are necessary for the discussion section that follows. Make sure you clearly cite every paper from which results are being used.



This is the most important section of a survey paper. In this section, you must compare and contrast the methods being surveyed by clearly identifying their advantages and

disadvantages in the current context. If any, also include your proposal to improve the



The conclusion is often thought of as the easiest part of the paper but should by no means be disregarded. There are a number of key components which should not be omitted. These include:



• summary of question posed

• summary of findings

• summary of main limitations of the study at hand

• details of possibilities for related future research


You should note that the conclusion is not the place to introduce new insights into the

question at hand. All ideas and thoughts should have been already mentioned at this stage.



From the very beginning of a research project, you should be careful to note all details of articles gathered. The bibliography should contain ALL references included in the paper.


References not included in the text in any form should NOT be included in the

bibliography. Use the attached IEEE citation style guide for formatting your references.

Avoid Plagiarism

• Refrain from lifting sentences directly from the reference papers

• If absolutely necessary, you can directly use a sentence from the reference paper,

but you must double quote the sentence and immediately reference it

• If a figure, table, graph is used from a reference paper, cite it in the caption itself


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