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Superposition Theorem Analysis 20

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Superposition Theorem Analysis 20. Record the measured current through each resistor from Table 10.2 to Table 10.8 21. Record the measured current through each resistor from Table 10.4 and Table 10.6 to Table 10.8. 22. Find the total current through each resistor using measured currents from Table 10.4 and 10.6. Remember, currents flowing in the same direction add and keep the direction of current flow; currents flowing in opposite direction subtract and keep the direction of the larger current. Record result in Table 10.8. 23. Find the percent of difference between the current from the original circuit, Table 10.2, and the total current from the superposition theorem (Step 22). Record the percent of different in Table 10.8. Measured Superposition Theorem Analysis Current current from Original Circuit Measured Measured Total Current current from through each difference (Table 10.2) current from Table 10.4 Table 10.6 resistor (step 22) IR1(100 2) IR2(330 $2) IR3(220 52) Table 10.8 - Superposition Theorem Current Measurement and Analysis


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