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There are critical issues facing the U

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There are critical issues facing the U.S. health care system that require immediate change. It focuses on patients who are uninsured who face high prices and out-of-pocket costs. It continues to cover a significant void in access insurance policy rates with the viability and durability of coverage extensions.

The U.S. spends more money than any other country on health insurance per citizen. Preventive care and successful recoveries, such as substance therapy and self-management. The health system's tasks are structured to address people's health needs in order to make public health and personal health care efficient.

Adequate wellness reward funds for the productivity of services and consumers.

In the US, health care systems services are delivered and financed by sectors such as the public(official, voluntary, and nonprofit agencies).
Universal coverage of equality, financial security, and economic growth in the context of developments in demographic demography and epidemiology.

Financial and health system viability is a major topic of health policy. Health expenditure, policies to managers spending improve value for money.

Sustainable development priorities, financial security as the key health care nowadays, are required for economic health policy. Health research and technologies enhance the quality of life, reducing the prolongation of life at the expense of healthy health.

Globalization increases global disparity and health funding is unsustainable. Failure to obtain tax revenue limits the efficiency of the economy's protection and health scheme. Unemployment and economic hardship are limited by state deficits for public health programs and private services. Universal insurance care funding, quality of facilities, and improved life expectancy address their health needs to encourage equality, financial security, and responsiveness. National health insurance through taxation makes sustainable and responsive health systems.

Using 200-300APA format with references to support the discussion.

 Research the delivery, finance, management, and sustainability methods of the U.S. health care system. Evaluate the effectiveness of one or more of these areas on quality patient care and health outcomes. Propose a potential health care reform solution to improve effectiveness in the area you evaluated and predict the expected effect. Describe the effect of health care reform on the U.S. health care system and its respective stakeholders. Support your post with a peer-reviewed journal article. 


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