question archive The following are required assignments for this lesson

The following are required assignments for this lesson

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The following are required assignments for this lesson.Read Chapter 13: “Preparing Résumés and Application Messages.”Complete the Lesson 13 Case Study (60 points).Case StudyMake a list of your career interests. Research the types of jobs and companies that relate to your interests. Note: You do not need to submit this list.Select a company that is in your chosen career field. Use the information in the article “Why Finding the Right Job Fit Is so Important” as well as course concepts from your textbook and lessons to guide you in both choosing a company and conducting research on that company.Case Study QuestionsSearch for an open job posting at the company you researched using the methods in your textbook for locating a job. Using Microsoft Word, write a cover letter with the goal of attracting the intended employer to continue reading and review your résumé.In the same MS Word document, create a résumé using one of the formats covered in the lesson. Select the résumé format that will be most likely to attract the employer to contact you for an interview.Note: All the requirements in the Case Study should be written in a single Word document.


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