question archive 1) Data Center Transformation – to complete a migration strategy/plan to complete the following two tasks: a

1) Data Center Transformation – to complete a migration strategy/plan to complete the following two tasks: a

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1) Data Center Transformation – to complete a migration strategy/plan to complete the following two tasks:
a. On-Premise Transformation
b. Infrastructure And Application Migration to The Cloud 

As you progress through the weekly materials in the course, you will apply the key principles and knowledge areas (Scope, cost, schedule, quality, resources, risk management, procurement, communication, and stakeholder management) to your project. You will track the entire project management plan (PMP), develop the schedule, and track the overall progress of the project. As the project manager (PM) for a medium-scale project, you will apply fundamental principles and best practices to conduct your project from inception to closing. Each assignment provides further detail.

Known Scope:
The project will address client’s needs to upgrade their 3 existing legacy data centers and migrate eligible applications to the Cloud:
- Total of 3 primary data centers (2 for Production and 1 for Disaster Recovery)
- All 3 data centers share redundant WAN circuits (2 MPLS and 1 Point-2Point) for users and data traffic
- Client has a total of 145 enterprise applications and 1350 servers:
o   450 Windows Servers
o   550 Unix Servers
o   350 ESX, VMWare, and legacy AIX servers
- Allowed project budget is $1.5 Million with a $150K for contingencies
- The client is open to the top 3 Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud)
- You have the ability to assemble your team
- Stakeholders are also open to your specific and project needs (define their roles and responsibilities as you see them fit)
- All 3 Data centers are in the United States – the DR DC must be on a different State for recovery purposes

- Meet the weekly assignments’ requirements (total of 4 assignments to complete the entire project) within the 8 weeks duration of the course.
- You will be assigned as the main PM for the project, where you will own the entire project
- Your course instructor will act at the project sponsor – can address all your questions and concerns and will provide you feedback during the weekly assignments submissions.
- The project will include internal and external stakeholders, vendors, team members, and contractors.
- A well-defined project charter must be approved by course instructor by end of week two.
- Your final project management plan, as well as the weekly submissions, must adhere to the following formatting requirements:
a. APA version 7 is the required format for the entire paper.
b. Turnitin tool 


Budget and Risk Management: At the end of this week, you are to finalize the overall project cost and clearly document project risks gathered throughout the project. As part of the risk management plan, you are expected to share a risk response plan. Project cost and risk management plans will include the following components:

- Overall project budget (utilizing EVM – share current and forecasted project status)
- Project requirements – updated
- Cost management plan – outlining contingency plan for project changes
- Detailed risk management plan
- Risk response plan
- Risk mitigation plan
- Change management process
- How project RAID (Risk, The assumption, Issues, and Dependencies) will be managed
- Stakeholder engagement – communication plan


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