question archive Compose a 1250 words assignment on soil conservation and water pollution

Compose a 1250 words assignment on soil conservation and water pollution

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on soil conservation and water pollution. Needs to be plagiarism free!

My father has always been promoting his love of science. he would read many science-related books with me during my school years. He explained to me the environmental facts and many other relevant factors. During my childhood, I played with my father in the small garden that we have at the front of our house. I would inspect the leaves of different flowers and ask him many questions in relation to the shapes and color differences between leaves and flowers. My mother also appreciates my endeavors and always makes certain that I gain the best knowledge.

While most of the children at that age would be busy playing with friends or toys, I gave my maximum time for knowing the facts about the environment.The environment is composed of several factors but most importantly, the two factors, i.e. soil and water, are the basic components of the environment necessary for the survival of life. However, the rapidly growing population and industrialization have given rise to many environmental problems that have attracted my increased interest in the subject.

Water pollution and soil erosion have contributed to increased problems for human beings. I have always been craving to apply my knowledge and skills in order to devise solutions for human beings to deal with ever-increasing environmental issues. The increasing population has resulted in augmented domestic and industrial wastes. The resources we have are limited, but human beings are using these resources to meet their growing demands unprecedentedly. The time is not far away when there will be zero resources left for our consumption.

In such circumstances, we need to be prepared to face such challenges. Contextually, the need for recycling and reusing has been ever-increasing to avoid such a crisis in the future. The problem has provided us with wide career opportunities and ample scope now and in the future for youth like me to acquire knowledge and involve in research activities for searching alternative modes of energy that could supplement the human needs and prevent the world from crisis. Soil and water conservation problems are being faced by almost all nations throughout the world.


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