question archive Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses oruns operating supply chain scheme

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses oruns operating supply chain scheme

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses oruns operating supply chain scheme.

In order to attain the objectives of the study, the presentation has been divided into two major parts. The first part is the identification of the triggering effect of the current supply chain management scheme and the consequences faced by this structured platform. A second part is a number of recommendations that should be done to attain the goals set by the board of directors. From the study done on the current ORUN managing supply chain scheme, observations show that there are several identifiable operational and management problems and most of them are triggered by a wide communications gap between the headquarters and the subsidiary plants of the firm.

ORUN Company, just as a number of manufacturing enterprises, is structured to be among networks of manufacturing and distribution sites that acquire raw materials and transform them into similar finished goods as well as distribute them to customers. However, despite the process seeming simple, it is evident that the fact that the rate at which ORUN’s subsidiary plants have become so self-regulating from the headquarters in conducting their operations, the company ceases to support its initial ideology of a structured value-added supply chain.

Evidentially, ORUN supply chain management faces numerous consequences because of the lack of a redesigned supply chain scheme that integrates the independence of the subsidiary plants to their headquarter operations. It has continuously been supposed that the supply chain general performance depends on the different sites' combined performance though, typically, each site is managed by autonomous management conditions. This has been the case at ORUN since it is well documented that, the company’s remote operations have become very independent in their local procedures.

However, these self-made objectives may have a very influence to do with the supply chain general performance, which is evident from the increased confusion experienced at ORUN headquarters. It has been hard for the headquarters operator to fully comprehend what each firm is doing hence reducing the effectiveness of the company.

Consequence 2: Imprecise Delivery Status Data

From collected data facts, one understands that when customers place their orders, they constantly want to distinguish when their products will be at their doorstep. While the prescribed waiting period, they tend to ask for real-time updates on their order delivery status, specifically when their order is late. This does not undermine the importance of on-time product delivery (Shapiro 52).


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