question archive  Explain why VW was seen as a green company before the emissions  scandal

 Explain why VW was seen as a green company before the emissions  scandal

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 Explain why VW was seen as a green company before the emissions  scandal. 

2. What was the motivation for VW to expand in the US market? Explain in  detail what problem the US experienced that VW could assist with by  supplying their diesel vehicles.  

 3. Explain the NOx emissions of Diesel cars. (What environmental  problem it causes, health problems related to it, how it can be managed  in diesel vehicles, why VW did not opt to use it, Standards set in US,  how it is regulated)  

 4. In light of the above problems, why didn’t they rather opt for hybrid or  electric cars?  

B. The scandal 

1. Discuss the emissions scandal in detail (what was discovered, how it  was discovered) 

 2. How did VW respond, immediately and up to date 

3. Fallout for VW 

C. CID and ethics management 

1. Some people blamed the wrong decisions on the engineers, but others  blamed the company. Discuss the CID structure and explain whether  the individual engineer or the company can be held accountable 

 2. Lots of articles were written about the ethical culture at VW and that it is  to blame for what happened. Discuss the type of ethical culture that  was prevalent at VW during the time of the scandal and how it  contributed to what happened or did not happen. (Management, Board,  Ethics management)   

3. Having a Code of conduct is part of good ethics management. Study  the current Code of conduct of VW and decide whether it is a directional  code or an aspirational code. Motivate your answer. 

4. Find specific sections from the current VW Code of conduct that should  prevent a repeat of this scandal, if it is followed. (Link the section with a  specific action that took place 


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