question archive The topic of the speech is about "True Love Waits" A

The topic of the speech is about "True Love Waits" A

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The topic of the speech is about "True Love Waits"

A. Audience Analysis. Complete the following details about your intended audience.

1. Age. (Consider the fact that your audience is composed of college students like you).

2. Sex. (Are they all male, female, or both?).

3. Dominant Characteristics. (How would you describe your audience's personality traits? Are they, for example, active, motivated, restless, and ambitious?)

4. Interests. (What activities or areas does your audience love or like to do in general? Do they love to read books, play computer games, chat online, and go out with friends, among others?)

B. Outline of the Speech.

1. Title. (something catchy or thought-provoking, either a word or phrase that captures the main point of the speech)

2. Purpose. (What do you want to achieve in your speech?)

3. Thesis: (a one-sentence main idea of the entire speech)

4.Outline Proper. (Present the major parts of your speech using key words and/or phrases only.)

I. Introduction. (One strategy to capture your audience's attention at the start of your speech. Among these strategies are: asking a question, citing a famous proverb or saying, and/or telling an anecdote or a story related to your topic, among others.)

II. Body. (Have major and minor points depending on the length of your speech and the time allotted for your performance or delivery.)

III. Conclusion. (It should be using any one of these strategies: citing a proverb, summarizing the key points, using a striking statement, and/or sharing a conversation, among others.)


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