question archive Column proposal History for several decades has always been defined as the study of man’s past events and this is what defines man’s evolution process and trails for his life

Column proposal History for several decades has always been defined as the study of man’s past events and this is what defines man’s evolution process and trails for his life

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Column proposal

History for several decades has always been defined as the study of man’s past events and this is what defines man’s evolution process and trails for his life. A company also has a lifespan and various developments and changes that define its evolution over time. Quantigration Inc is one such company that its trail must be studied right from the beginning. The company was established in the 19th century and has always undergone numerous changes. When it was formed it was established by three friend who acted as the founding director the prime decision makers for two decades. At this point, the company was a partnership company between the founders and only had fifteen workers who were employed to man the production machines.

Quantigration Inc at that time was a semiconductor manufacturing plant majoring in the production of metalloid products. The products that it made were made of silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, and other elements that are close or found near the so-called metalloid staircase in the periodic table (The chemistry personnel understand this better). Research has it that the silicon, gallium arsenide are the second best and most common semiconductor that can be used to manufacture good and durable semiconductor appliances that can make life much better for the common man. Why so? It is because semiconductor is needed almost in all that man uses on a daily basis. Semiconductors for instance are used in laser diodes, televisions electrical and cooking appliances, solar cells, microwave-frequency integrated circuits, and many other appliances.

The company therefore for about ten decades had been known as a semiconductor manufacturing company with its activity and trade mark preaching the same. However, as a company has to grow, new management strategies were involved and the founders separated themselves from the company as shareholders after entrusting their company to others. Being that growth and expansion is part of a company’s lifespan, the firm has managed to diversify its operation through acquisitions and mergers. It is these mergers and acquisitions with fabrication companies that made it go multinational with numerous employees from different cultures and ethnicities.

The numerous advancements and changes that are experienced in the current world might make some essential history to be forgotten. In 20-30 years if such posts are not going to be kept, the true identity of the company will not be known being that the blogs will be focusing on the trending aspect of the company which will be what it will be doing then. Remember business is all about business maximization and hence the new ventures that will make it maximize profit is what it will be given priority. The research process for the future bloggers will be what makes Quantigration Inc succeed or unique? What are the strategies that it uses? How did the company become a multinational? But the little or no focus will be on where it came or emerge from. Therefore, this blog is to help streamline and help understand their researches in the future.

Sample article: The Ford Assembly Line

Ford company is an automotive company that was established on June 16th 1903 by Henry Ford. The company grew to be a multinational producing numerous outstanding automobiles in the earlier decades. The products it produced were outdated and being that there was little innovation at that time and the innovation had just be conceptualized (Wang et al, 2021). It is this that propelled Henry to seek for means of ensuring that the innovation that had been made to be improved and made better. Again, he wanted to improve the rate of production for his company being that the demand was so high. At that time, the company was the main producer and supplier of automobiles worldwide.

The company had a trademark and brand that made it stand out all over the world and till now the company stands out in its operations. Research has it that the Ford’s innovation of the automobile is a myth. The truth is that he revolutionized the industry by offering a new way of manufacturing numerous vehicles within a short time that met all the demands that the consumers needed. The production method that he introduced that became so useful and impactful was the moving assembly line (Altynova et al, 2020). The strategy was effective in time management and emphasizing quality production by advocating workers to work on a conveyer belt system. Besides, moving the products to the workers proved to be the best way of managing time and resources.

The innovation came to limelight in the Ford company in 1913 when it was first introduced in the Highland Park assembly plant. It turned out to be working effective and soon it was rolled out to the other regions. The strategy was aimed at making the whole body of the automobile move round as the workers do the assembling. At the initial stages the vehicle was pulled by ropes but later machines were introduced that made it much easier and efficient. However, it was quite ironical that after the simplification, the workers opted to work for the competitor companies. It is because they felt that they were not growing being that they were doing one thing which was building the entire body of the automobile. Research had it that they had preferred to do two or more different things that one specific thing throughout their operations.

Ford after realizing that workers were leaving because of poor working conditions decided to persuade them to remain in the company by introducing $5 per day. However, the decision was short lived since it was realized that the move would lead the company to bankruptcy. To motivate the workers, he swiftly introducing a better wage for the employees (Muldoon, 2020). Again, he decided to reduce the working hours of the employees to make them comfortable. It a move that slightly made the company to bounce back to its operations. Alternatively, by reducing the working hours of the employees and increasing their wages, he introduced shifts and also increased the number of employees making the company to bounce back to business than before.

The above measures were known as Fordism and was fully adopted by many other companies because it increased production. Therefore, it would be prudent to say that Fordism was a move to suit the demands that the consumers had. It is marked with the reduction of price of the model T of the Ford series motors (Boyle, 2019). The question of research here were: what strategies were used? How did the company compete with other companies and the founder and the performance of the company now?




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