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Sexual Harassment in the workplace

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Sexual Harassment in the workplace. This is a student role play for a sexual harassment scenario.

The facts of the case are that Coworker 1 came to their Supervisor alleging they were sexually harassed by Coworker 2 in the workplace. When Coworker 2 was asked by the Supervisor about the allegation he/she denied it. Coworker 1 could not submit any corroboration for her/his allegation against Coworker 2. Both Coworkers are excellent workers. This is a classic "he said, she said" allegation.

Students with the last names starting with jjj through ppp will be Coworker 2 ( Jordan- Potter) will be Coworker 2, the one who is alleged to have sexually harassed a coworker

  1. In your initial submission only discuss what are the basic rights of Coworker 2 under federal and a specific state law [Maryland, Virginia etc]?
  2. As Coworker 2 what would be your course of action to protect yourself?

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