question archive Refer to the United States watershed map in matching questions #1-5

Refer to the United States watershed map in matching questions #1-5

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Refer to the United States watershed map in matching questions #1-5. Fill in the blank with the correct letter by the appropriate.

a.Colorado River 

b.Catawba River

c.Includes Mississippi and Missouri River watersheds

d.Columbia River


f.Rio Grande River Basin

g.Susquehanna River watershed

____ 1. Lavender color on map, largest of the watershed s in total land area.

____ 2 Blue color on map, Headwaters in the state of Colorado, also picks up Pecos River as tributary

____ 3. Travels through the states of Washington and Oregon

____ 4. Forms boundary between states of California and Arizona

____ 5. Brownish/orange color on map, travels through the state of Idaho. 


____ 31. The layer of earth that contains the greatest amount of decomposed organic matter and stores the water and nutrients necessary for plant growth is called ?

(A) detritus (B) silage (C) topsoil (D) forage 

____ 32.  Decomposing organic matter, like manure and compost, and commercial fertilizers are the most common source for?

(A) adding nitrogen to the soil (B) making the soil more acidic (C) giving the soil a higher alkaline level (D) calcifying the soil.

____ 33. An example of good land-use planning by a city would be?

(A) converting a watershed area located by a new golf course and subdivision for homes into a landfill (B) converting a watershed area that is just marginally part of a flood zone into playing fields for the parks department (C) locating municipal offices away from downtown so people can drive further to help develop an undeveloped area (D) placing motels and restaurants downwind from a cattle feed lot in a non-residential area.   

____ 34. A community volunteer group has been given permission to plant hundreds of trees and c a greenbelt and a sound buffer between a railroad track and park. A most important first step for them would be to?

(A) plant the trees during the summer when the weather is conducive to growth (B) check for any underground utilities and pipelines in that area (C) assess the water availability for watering the trees (D) determine the ratio of how many evergreens and deciduous trees will be planted.

____ 35. Soil tests do not help determine levels of?

(A) phosphorous (B) nitrogen (C) pH (D) fissures.


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