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question archive The following constitutes the questions for the final exam for this course

The following constitutes the questions for the final exam for this course

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The following constitutes the questions for the final exam for this course. It is imperative that you read each question carefully, follow the instructions and provide clear, precise but succinct answers. You must be specific and concrete in examples and presenting your rationale.The key to a successful exam will be providing specific and concrete information. You must provide some rationale for your points and opinions. For example, if you state something is important – tell me why it is important; if you tell me you would do something – tell me why you would do it and what you would hope to achieve. In other words, simply stating information will not provide you with marks.For the all questions you will need to organize your answer before writing it. There needs to be some obvious structure to your answers. Remember that more material does not necessarily translate into a higher mark. Make sure every word counts –  The marking criteria will include:•Clarity of material;•Logical cohesiveness of material;•Correlation of material•Clear structure of material;•Specific & concreteness of material;•Original thinking and ideas;•Brevity of material;Short Answer: Please complete two of the following short answer questions. (2X10=20 marks):•Compare and contrast the nature and conditions of employment between unionized and non-unionized employees in the province of Ontario.•Describe the various ways in which unions can provide “voice” for their members and society. Provide examples•Compare & contrast some of the potential challenges both chief negotiation leaders may face in preparing for negotiation and at the bargaining table.•What are the possible reasons as to why the mainstream media seem to paint unions in a negative light? Or is that just perception?


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