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Provide the journal entries for each of the above issues:

1) Sterling's insurance company sent a bill for additional insurance premiums of $350. This bill covers from the December 15 delivery date until the annual policy expires on March 31, 20X7. This bill was paid and the amount expensed. The cost of the policy used should be added to the cost of the asset under construction.

2. Many of the manufacturers whose products Sterling carries provide a warranty. Sterling also provides an additional warranty on several lines/items. Based on experience over the years, the warranty costs average 0.25% of total sales. The provision is accrued quarterly but has not been recorded yet for the fourth quarter of 20X6; fourth-quarter sales were $3,280,000.

3. The accounting staff determined that expenses for the fourth quarter included $6,905 of costs directly attributable to warranty work, bringing the total warranty costs paid by Sterling during 20X6 to $27,311. These costs for the fourth quarter have been charged to the wages, salaries, and benefits account. Warranty costs for the first three quarters are properly recorded.


4. In January 20X6, Sterling purchased land for storage of industrial waste and surplus manufacturing plant supplies, paying $1,500,000. The terms of the permit require Sterling to restore the property for any decontamination from oils, solvents, or other contaminants. Sterling hired an appraiser to provide an estimate of the decommissioning costs; the appraisal report projects decommissioning costs to be $850,000. The discount rate for the obligation is 4%. Sterling expects to use the land for 25 years. Management believes that use of the land for waste and surplus storage will not affect the value of the land once the storage site has been decommissioned and restored as required. The appraisal report supports this view. Sterling began using the land for its intended purpose in January 20X6. In reviewing the trial balance, you notice that the land purchase was recorded, but that the related decommissioning obligation has not been recorded.

5. A competitor, ABC Ltd., is suing Sterling for misuse/unauthorized use of ABC's customer list. Sterling hired a former ABC employee, who ABC alleges took its customer list to Sterling. Sterling's legal advisors have estimated that there is a 65% probability that ABC will be successful in its lawsuit. The legal firm believes that if it is successful, there is a 20% probability that ABC will be awarded $500,000, a 55% probability of a $300,000 award, and a 25% chance of a $250,000 award. 

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