question archive Find an event that occurred this week that moves you

Find an event that occurred this week that moves you

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Find an event that occurred this week that moves you. You must be able to relate it to the current chapter in some way – creativity is welcome. For instance, let’s say you read about the war in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan. After reading the article, you check a world map and find that some remote parts of Pakistan are near the Himalayan Mountain Range. You will discover in Chapter 3 that the Himalayas were formed by a convergence of two continental plates, the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate, which causes a convergence zone that resulted in mountain uplift. And, voila!, the Himalayans are formed.

Remember, geology is all about connections. The physical environment always sets the context for human events, and, often, they have a more direct influence than you may initially imagine. For example, you’re not worried about a tsunami if you live in North Dakota, but you are much more aware of the Pleistocene glaciations than you would be if you lived in Arizona.


You may use an article from the following sources:


National Public Radio

Another news outlet if you include a paragraph telling me why you chose it.

Turn in:

A document that includes the entire story (copy and pasted from the original site).

The citation (where you got it and when).

The link.

A map of the location of the event that was not included in the article.

Paragraph of what you think about the news (good, bad, indifferent – just tell me why).

Paragraph explaining at least one geologic connection that relates to this week’s chapter.


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