question archive Adept Owl 6 ADEPT OWL Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Adept Owl Question One As a new member of the team at the Adept Owl, one would be required to point out the various requirements of the organization that are needed

Adept Owl 6 ADEPT OWL Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Adept Owl Question One As a new member of the team at the Adept Owl, one would be required to point out the various requirements of the organization that are needed

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Adept Owl 6


Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Adept Owl

Question One

As a new member of the team at the Adept Owl, one would be required to point out the various requirements of the organization that are needed.

· A private sub-folder within the server of the organization is one of the necessities required for one to input information at the Adept Owl Company.

· To name files and store them at Adept Owl, one requires the initials of their name and the respective date of the entry.

· The several elements needed for the quality design of documents at the company include footer, placed at the right-hand side of the page. The right-hand side footer usually holds the page number. Footer is usually required at the left side of the paper and it consists of the date on which the entry was made. Secondly, another necessity for the quality designing and production of documents at Adept Owl is it logo. The logo is usually placed at the left side of the header (West, 2013, p.35).

· Two requirements to show compliance at Adept Owl is on office equipment use are stated. To show compliance, each member of the organization is required to sustain the high level of confidentiality of both the customers and workers. Additionally, there exists a policy concerning the stationery and consumables. Application of the policy involves the requirement of one to seek the approval of the department manager for all purchases. They are also required to be processed by the administrator of the concerned office. The stationery and consumables purchase procedure usually prevents the occurrence of unnecessary expenditures and budgets and reduces chances of corruption (Patel, 2014, p.41). The formal steps included also give the company to focus on its main goals and make sure that there are no activities that take place without proper monitoring and authorization.

· In relation to the production of documents, maintaining confidentiality is one code of practice that all individuals are required to observe when dealing with the company’s clients and employees. Involved team members have to make sure that they shred all the documents relating to its staff members, retailers, and suppliers before transferring them to a secure place of disposal. Additionally, the stated secure disposal can only be identified by the company to ensure that all its information is destroyed as it wishes. Making the issue of confidentiality a key concern when handling the company’s documents enhances the safety of its information and that the privacy of its partners is assured (West, 2013, p.32).

Question Two

· The company’s information and technology group holds enough capability to satisfy its needs in product designing and producing. The information technology team makes sure that the company’s needs in its department are fully addressed and in a timely manner. The group’s leader has exceptional skills in performing the required processes of designing and producing documents. The leader is also skilled enough to train the rest of the group members on their respective roles towards achieving the company’s document requirements. As a result of the continuous training and coaching at the department, the company has a high possibility of possessing an information and technology group that is all trained and capable of handling challenges in the department. The team will be equipped with the expertise that is required to make the information and technology department successful (Patel, 2014, p.40). Further, the less experienced members of the department are supervised during their practice, which gives them a chance to learn, develop skills and gain expertise especially from the direct field coaching they receive.

· Knowledge gaps that are present in the administration department are as a result of the variations that exist in the expertise of individual members of the team to execute the practitioner level tasks. A large variation of knowledge in each skill requirement is evident among members of the administration team. The knowledge gap makes it hard for the team to achieve effectiveness unlike if it had a uniform skill distribution (West, 2013, p.60). In the creation and use of word and excel templates for instance, the leader of the team is knowledgeable in all aspects. Pat on the other hand can independently execute the tasks while Kim needs supervision to complete it. On the contrary, Sam does not have any expertise on the same activity. The knowledge gap in the group can be narrowed by engaging in continuous team training and coaching. Additionally, supervising the less skilled members would enable knowledge sharing, identification of the major differences, reduce expertise variation, and increase effectiveness in the team.

· Among its future needs in the IT department capabilities, the company has included aspects such as developing its computer networking system. The company needs to build a networking system that is more precise for it to be able to share and access information with increased ease and speed. The network however needs to be narrower to reduce the probability of access by unintended personnel (Patel, 2014, 90). The network system described by Adept Owl will enable it to establish and sustain the required levels of privacy across the organization. Creating a destination precise networking system also enables it to prevent information that contains viruses from affecting the all its channels. Additionally, the company needs to employ an expert in networking and information to repair the system internally in case of failure. In so doing, the company will ensure that the system is minimally exposed to external parties that can interfere with its normal functionality. Further, an internal employee will reduce external exposure and increase the level of confidentiality of the system.

· To facilitate the achievement of the desired changes in the organization’s IT capabilities, it should adopt a mesh topology of computer networking. A mesh topology minimizes the possibility of spreading system threats and makes it easier to identify any faults in the system. Adoption of the mesh topology provides the assurance of minimized computer terminal interactions. Thus a mesh topology ensures that minimum damage occurs in case of a fault in a single terminal (Stone, 2014, p.69). Adept Owl also needs to employ more skilled employees in the IT department (Stone, 2014, p.93). A high level of education and experience also provide a highly resourceful team that has more capability than ordinary teams.

Question Three

· Three types of documents required by Adept Owl are memorandums, agendas of meetings that are held and the minutes from the meetings.

Question Four

Mass Letter Mail-out Procedure

To develop a mass letter mail-out, one needs to:

· Make sure that the left part of the header consists of the full logo of the company,

· Identify the letter’s target through in the address,

· Include the address of the company’s as a left justified header,

· Include the subject of the letter, i.e. the situation that led to the letter.

· Indicate the date on which they had the letter signed as left-hand side footer.

· Include what the paper is meant to achieve i.e. what the recipient is expected to do on receiving the letter.

· Conclude the letter with their signature, name, and job title.

· Add page numbers as right-had side footers in case the letter is more than one page.

Sending the letter, one should indicate whether there are other people who received the letter. In case they are there, one should include their addresses at the end below the signature using ‘cc’. The ‘cc’ should then be followed by their real names.


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