question archive Answer questions 1-4 of the case study

Answer questions 1-4 of the case study

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Answer questions 1-4 of the case study.


On Monday morning when the business office employees arrived at the hospital they immediately noticed the apparent absence of the office manager. This was not unusual; the manager was frequently absent on Monday. However, he rarely failed to call his department when he would not be there—but on this day he still had not called by noon.

Shortly after lunch the two working supervisors in the business office were summoned to the administrator’s office. There they were told that the office manager was no longer employed by the hospital. They, the two supervisors, were told to look after things for the current week and that a new manager, already secured, would be starting the following Monday. All the supervisors were told about the new manager was that it was somebody from outside of the hospital.


  1. What was right or wrong about the manner in which the change in business office manager was made?
  2. What would you suppose to be the attitudes of the business office staff upon hearing of the change?
  3. With what attitudes do you suppose the staff will receive the new manager?
  4. In what other ways might this change have been approached?


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