question archive Module 1 SLP, suppose that Stacy’s mail-order, gluten-free, blueberry muffin business has begun to grow

Module 1 SLP, suppose that Stacy’s mail-order, gluten-free, blueberry muffin business has begun to grow

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Module 1 SLP, suppose that Stacy’s mail-order, gluten-free, blueberry muffin business has begun to grow. After signing the contract with Woody, Stacy felt more secure in her supply of blueberries. She decided to take on the title of “CEO” of her business and she now has two employees, friends from a book club where she used to bring her muffins.

Stacy is concerned that, now that her business is rapidly growing, that she may face problems of potential lawsuits and liability. She has asked you to recommend a formal legal structure for her business.

Carefully review the background materials on business organization and tort law. Then, write a 2- to 3-page paper discussing what potential liability risks Stacy faces and the kind of legal structure Stacy should adopt. Specific issues to be covered in this paper include:

1. What kind of liability might Stacy’s business face? Refer to the required background readings on business torts and products liability in your answer.

2. What kind of legal structure should Stacy adopt for her business, and why? Will the structure that you recommend address her potential liability? Refer to at least one of the required or optional readings from the background materials page to support your answer. 

SLP Assignment Expectations

1. The minimum length requirement for the Module 2 SLP assignment is 2 full pages (excluding title and reference pages). The 2 full pages will include an introduction, a body of work (supported with three scholarly sources), a conclusion, and a References page (see APA 7 template).

2. Provide a minimum of at least 2 scholarly sources using APA Style.

3. Provide an APA-formatted title page and use the APA 7th Assignment Template .

4. Proofread your work!

5. Upload your paper to the SLP 2 Dropbox before the assignment due date.






The information below describes the contact between Stacy and Woody. One party is selling blueberries, and the other party is buying the blueberries used in a bakery.

Supply of Blueberries

BETWEEN: Stacy T, a baker of gluten-free organic muffin


AND: Woody M., a local grower of organic blueberries.



Woody has agreed to supply organic blueberries to Stacy, making gluten-free, organic blueberry muffins in her bakery. Stacy will make an order to Woody requesting some organic blueberries, and the order process is followed, where Stacy will be informed when the order will be ready. This will be followed by an invoice stating the number of blueberries ordered and the price of the order.


Stacy will accept the invoice sent stating the number of blueberries offered and the price of the order.


Woody is expected to bring in quality blueberries as Stacy is likely to pay for them as soon as they have been dispatched to her. Moreover, Woody is scheduled to offer the correct quantities of Blueberries as stated in her invoice.

Competency & Capacity: Each party must agree to follow the terms of the contract. Both parties are to ensure that all procedures and protocols are followed. Stacy is to ensure that the amount deposited in Woody’s account is correct.

Payment should not exceed five days from the day of the invoice. If the quantities or quality of berries is insufficient, Stacy has the right to return the goods on the day of dispatch or a day later. Any berries found deficient will not be accepted by Woody.

Other Considerations:

Trade between Woody and Stacy should follow the correct procedures in the purchase. Both parties are to display honesty, prudence, and integrity in all their activities. Moreover, the transactions should be transparent and included in their financial statements.

In case any party fails to deliver their part, the contract can be terminated. Moreover, if Stacy finds another supplier, Woody is not obligated to make sure Stacy does. If Woody fails to supply blueberries to Woody, then Stacy may look for another supplier. In case of a price change, Woody should inform Stacy immediately.

IF woody changes the prices and does not inform Stacy of the changes, then Stacy is bound to pay for the blueberries at the previous price. All communications will be done via email. The invoice number should match with the date of payment by Stacy.


The information includes all elements of a contract. Some of the considerations have not been included but follow the general ethical principles. The elements of the contract between Stacy and Woody have been guided by the agreement between significant restaurants and suppliers such as Starbucks and Manji.


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