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1).Income from property rented through online platforms will generally fall into one of three categories. Each of the following is a classification for tax reporting for rental income purposes EXCEPT:

A. Schedule C.

B. Schedule D.

C. Schedule E.

D. The rental is not taxable.


2.When canceled debt is jointly held by both spouses:

 A. They may choose to file married filing separately, as this may provide a greater reduction of canceled debt income.

B. A single Insolvency Worksheet can be completed showing all of their liabilities and assets.

C. Each spouse will be responsible for one-half of the canceled debt, and they will each complete  Insolvency Worksheet with one-half of their joint liabilities and assets.


3.Residential rental real estate is classified as what kind of property?

A. Section 179

B. Section 1231

C. Section 1245

D. Section 1250


4.Which of these types of account ownership is limited to spouses?

A. Joint tenancy with rights of survivorship

B. Payable on death

C. Tenancy by the entirety

D. Tenancy in common

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