question archive Write a reflection paper addressing each of the following prompts

Write a reflection paper addressing each of the following prompts

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Write a reflection paper addressing each of the following prompts. Include a subheading for each prompt. Provide support from course materials or outside academic sources to support each of your responses.

What characteristics does an effective mediator possess?
Are these characteristics innate or can they be learned?
Which of these characteristics do you believe that you have and which do you feel you lack? How will this impact your effectiveness as a mediator?
Discuss how barriers to mediation can be overcome in the convening stage.
In your opinion, what are some of the most common barriers, and how do you plan to address them with potential parties?
Why do these types of barriers exist?
Discuss the importance of confidentiality in mediation.
Why is confidentiality an essential element of the mediation process?
Under what conditions can confidentiality be broken by the mediator?
Support your response with the appropriate code.
What problems do you see yourself having to maintain confidentiality? Explain your response.
What are your options when faced with a situation in which you must maintain confidentiality but feel that information given to you will inhibit your effectiveness as a mediator?
Distinguish between the processes of negotiation and mediation.
Examine the similarities and differences.
When is each process appropriate?
What are the challenges of each? Your answers must integrate your assigned readings and text materials. Strong responses will also include material from the negotiation course.


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