question archive 1) According to the text, the 1960s "war on poverty" was, on the whole, effective

1) According to the text, the 1960s "war on poverty" was, on the whole, effective

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1) According to the text, the 1960s "war on poverty" was, on the whole, effective.

2) The richest 1 percent of all Americans own about ________ percent of all business assets in this country.

3) The "welfare wall" refers to the requirement that AFDC recipients either work or go to school in order to receive benefits.

4) Which term refers to homeless persons who have suffered a major personal tragedy and have given up on life?

5) In the process called ________ rich nations exploit the natural resources of poor nations and sell their excess industrial products to the poor nations, in the process keeping the latter from developing their own industrial capacity.

6. Groups of people who occupy the same rung on the economic ladder are called

7. Central to the demands of Native Americans is their insistence on the right to ________ that is, the right to remain unassimilated and to control their own affairs.

8. Because Hispanics share a language and many cultural traditions, they are politically united and generally agree about the best ways to make economic and social progress.

9. Which of the following is one of the dysfunctions of discrimination?

10. Discrimination is an attitude.

11. Social historians have analyzed the process of the formation of Chinatowns as involving four stages. In the ________ stage, the Chinese chose to remain in a segregated community because it allowed regular contact with friends and family, avoided language difficulties, and helped preserve their culture.

12. The idea that the United States is a melting pot in which diverse immigrant cultures would become fused into a single American pattern is most accurate if applied to

13. The idea that the origin of male dominance can be explained by the universal reality that it is essential to preserve the basic human group is a functionalist perspective.

14. A study of how women are portrayed in music videos indicates that

15. Symbolic interactionists emphasize that ideas have a life of their own; that is, stereotypes often tend to become reality.

16. Sociologists Rex Fuller and Richard Schoenberger studied gender inequality within the same occupation by examining the careers of 230 business majors at the University of Wisconsin. They found that

17. Sociologists have found little gender stereotyping in the mass media.

18. Which of the following occupations appears to be exclusively male in all known cultures?

19. The best known type of prepaid group practice is the

20. Which of the following may cause cancer?

21. The deinstitutionalization of a high percentage of America's mental patients contributed significantly to the homelessness problem.

22. Some therapists may intensify the suicidal urges of their patients by establishing a pattern of

23. A key measure of a nation's health is life expectancy at birth.

24. AIDS was first noticed in the United States in

25. Which group used to list homosexuality as a mental illness?


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