question archive Paul owns a daycare center in Denton, Texas

Paul owns a daycare center in Denton, Texas

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Paul owns a daycare center in Denton, Texas. Donovan is currently unemployed and lives in Whitefish, Montana. Donovan sends an email to every member of the Denton Parent-Teachers Association alleging that Paul has previously served a 15-year term in federal prison for drug trafficking. The email is false. Paul decides to file a lawsuit against Donovan claiming that Paul has suffered $100,000 in damages as a result of Donovan's defamatory emails. Donovan has never been to Texas. Which of the following courts would have both subject matter jurisdiction over this case and personal jurisdiction over Donovan?


a) State district court in Texas

b) Federal district court in Texas.

c)State district court in Montana.

d.All of the above.

e.Options (a) and (c) only.


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