question archive words (~1000) First, describe the activity to be performed

words (~1000) First, describe the activity to be performed

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words (~1000)

First, describe the activity to be performed. This may be sales, production, outsourcing, service offerings, etc. Next, describe how it will be done, either through setting up operations in a foreign country, exporting (direct or indirect), licensing, franchising partnering, etc. etc. etc. Chapters 6,7 & 9 and 13-16 should be referenced, but not exhaustively. Give a rationale for the chosen strategy and an estimate of the returns from this new opportunity.

Finally, your implementation plan should describe in detail the most relevant function that must be adapted to achieve the strategy. This means from Chapter 17-20, you should focus on either marketing, supply chain, accounting\finance, or human resources. It is recommended that you choose something that is of interest to you, e.g. something that corresponds to your major or concentration. Do your best to estimate the additional costs that your plan will incur, so that these can be compared to the expected return from the investment. The payback period and ROI should be disclosed.

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