question archive Need help with my writing homework on Learners with Exceptionalities

Need help with my writing homework on Learners with Exceptionalities

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Need help with my writing homework on Learners with Exceptionalities. Write a 2500 word paper answering;

This paper analyses the characteristics and behavior of a gifted child with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.Exceptional is an all-inclusive term and it is used to describe a person whose behavioral, intellectual, and physical performance differs significantly from what is normal (typical), either lower or higher. The individuals described as exceptional comprise those with extraordinary disabilities (such as intellectual disabilities or learning disabilities) and extraordinary abilities (such as talents and gifts).

Exceptional individuals whether disabled or gifted, benefit from individualized accommodations, support, or assistance in community and school settings (Drew, Egan, and Hardman, 2010).Gifted students learn how to create personal identities, deal with independence, create an interpersonal relationship that is warm and loving, deal with independence, and discover romantic relationships. There is a need for them to identify and create their attitudes, belief systems, personalities, and personal values.

The majority of the students possessing exceptionalities are culturally diverse and they face complex limitations, challenges, and issues. The existence of multiple intelligences within the classroom setting may be challenging for the majority of the teachers. For example, an athlete possessing great physical capabilities in sports may lack the mental capacity to perform well in academics in school (Vang, 2010). Some of the students are gifted in one area while experiencing adverse learning encounters in another area.

An example is a student who can verbalize well but cannot write anything down. The student may not be capable of recording his or her thoughts due to a writing-related disability. Another example is a dyslexic gifted student who is not able to decode or read words.&nbsp.


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