question archive Hello everyone, my name is James Freres and I currently live in Florida

Hello everyone, my name is James Freres and I currently live in Florida

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Hello everyone, my name is James Freres and I currently live in Florida. I was born and raised in Long Island New York. I moved to Florida with my parents and sister when I was 16 years old. I have lived in Florida for 8 years now and while doing so I have overcome cancer. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 17 years old . I undergone 6 months of chemo therapy and four months of radiation combined with two surgeries that in retrospect helped me beat the disease. In regards to my academic endeavors, I am currently majoring in legal studies and I have attended the university for two years now. In the year prior my major was actually business management. On my spare time, I love writing and performing my poetry which has helped me become a better speaker and be able to address a group of people. I am an amateur in terms of my experience as a public speaker. I only have few addresses to groups of people which mostly entail my friends. In high school I was a leader for my teammates in many aspects on the basketball team and wrestling team ; I would meet and motivate my team. Another chance I was being a speaker in a family gathering where I was presenting my poems or performing it at a local poetry jam doing open mic and spoken word. The few times I have been a speaker have improved my confidence although I still rate the confidence low. My inclination to stutter increases when publicly speaking however, when I would see some improvement when I began to develop a proclivity for it and it became habitual. Nonetheless, my anxiety was still always almost overbearing to deal with. Now following the completion of my course, I will continue to pass my required classes and obtain the necessary credit to achieve my bachelors degree. I will then attend law school and join a legal firm where I will be able to showcase my knowledge and further improve it which is what I plan to manifest in the next five years. I will live close to my place of work even if it means not living in Florida any longer. I am willing to stay in any firm as long as I get a well-paying legal firm. I believe the achievement of my future story will be done by me. My efforts, focus and determination on the future will play a significant role in the achievement of the future goals. So, in the next five years my life will be about work, engaging in hobbies and various activities during my leisure time. Also, I will continue with poetry and further studies while my hobbies will entail exercising, engaging in sports and travelling. Learning the course is important since it is a requirement to get full credit to obtain the bachelor’s degree in law school. Therefore, I need to take and pass the course to get the credit. Finalizing my bachelor’s degree will help me acquire the knowledge needed for getting employed. With a bachelor’s degree in law, it will help access better paying jobs thereby getting increased income. I'm working on a spokesperson videos exercise and need an explanation to help me study. Autobiography Your first speech will be to record a 2–3-minute Autobiography with Future Story. The autobiography portion of your video should answer the following questions: • Who are you? Introduce yourself, telling your classmates a bit about yourself. For example, what are you majoring in? What are your hobbies? How long have you been attending South? • How much experience have you had as a speaker? This could include any talks you have given in elementary, junior high, high school, or college. You may also include talks you have done at work, religious institutions, or even family gatherings. In other words, think of any time you have spoken to a group of people, no matter how large or small. • What is your current level of confidence as a speaker? Your Future Story: Describe your future story and the steps you need to take to achieve it. Some questions you may consider as you prepare your video are: • Where do you see yourself working in five years? • Where will you live in five years? • Who are the individuals who will help you achieve your future story? • Describe what your life will be like in general in five years. For example, what will you do for leisure or entertainment? What will your hobbies and activities be? Will you travel? • How will completing the learning objectives of this course help you make progress towards your future story? • How will completing your degree program help you achieve your future story? it has to be a video recording, sound American and not look like you're in your 20's since it has to be believable. However, professor never seen me or heard my voice. secondly, I have a autobiography script another tutor had wrote up, some of it isn't grammatically correct but its just to give you an idea about me so you know what to say. and it has to be a 2-3 minute video. worst case scenario I will only send her a voice recording and say I do not have a webcam or its poor quality (so try not to show your face too much) Please let me know if you cna do this, I had ot request a refund with a tutor prior to you because of voice issues.

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