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Answer in paragraph form per number

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Answer in paragraph form per number. 


1. Conflict Identification

2. Plan of Action
3. Reflection



Jose Deolito R. Santos was born eldest to a brood of six in a small and Aeta community in Pampanga. Having a father who is a magkakahoy and a housewife mother, Deolito was forced to enter into labor in the very tender age of ten in order to support his younger siblings. Selling their backyard tanim of luya sili and kamias at the community market during the day and serving as a kargador at the nearby hacienda at night, the young Deolito barely had the time for leisure and the money and the privilege to attend school. "Way, gusto ko po sanang matuto at pumasok sa eskwela. "the young Deolito echoed to his mother. "Anak, gusto rin namin ng iyong itay na makapasok ka at matutong makapagbasa at sumulat ngunit sadyang kapos tayo sa pantustos nating pamilya. Hayaan mo at kung makaluwag-luwag tayo at may maipon tayo sa pangangahoy ng iyong tatay ay ipapasok kita sa paaralan. "His mother replied, trying to console her son. Unfortunately for Deolito, his mother's promise of sending him to school never came into a reality. When his father was accepted as a contractual worker at the town's wood carving industry, his parents decided to prioritize sending his younger siblings to school first. This left the young Deolito heartbroken and have since then made a vow to work doubly hard hoping that he too could send himself to school. When Deolito have mustered enough strength and have saved ample amount of money, he decided to try his luck and applied as a forest guard at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. "Fill up this form, para mai-process na natin ang application mo. " a stern- looking HR staff ordered. After almost an eternity of staring blankly at the form, Deolito embarrassingly admitted that he was not able to attend any formal schooling and is not capable of reading and writing. "O sige, ako nalang ang magsusulat para sa lyo. Sabihin mo nalang ang mga sagot sa mya Itatanong ko. "the HR staff snapped back, disappointment very evident in his voice. With some luck and perseverance, Deolito got accepted on the job and has been working with the said company for over ten years already. It is in the same company that he was able to meet his literate wife, Anita, a janitress whom has sired him with three children. One afternoon while Deolito was busy working, his immediate superior called his attention. "Deolito, you have been loyally serving this company for so long. You have maintained a very good track record and I personally witnessed it over the past years. Mang Romeo will actually be leaving his post soon. I'm honestly eyeing you to replace him for the said position. " "Waku sir promotion po iyon! Maraming salamat po at i-kinunsidera niyo po ako sa position na iyon!" Deolito excitedly exclaimed. "However, before I could recommend you to our boss, you need to undergo a qualifying exam this Friday. "His boss quickly followed. On that Friday morning, Mang Deolito came in with his wife and approached an HR CAREER staff. "May naka-schedule po akong exam ngayong umaga. Isasama ko po sana yung asawa ko para siya ang magsulat ng mga sagot ng exam para sa akin."


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