question archive Read Ch 7 and 8 (42 Points) 2

Read Ch 7 and 8 (42 Points) 2

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Read Ch 7 and 8 (42 Points) 2. Watch the youtube video "Worst Job Interview "( Critique this interview from the employer's perspective. Identify the good points and the areas that need improvement. Include discussion of interview preparation, interview questions, interview environment. (10 points) Note: there is a reason this is called the worst job interview.3. You are hiring a customer service representative. A. Describe the recruiting steps you would use in hiring this position. Be specific and complete. B. Describe the selection process you would use (You must use more than an interview.) Justify why you picked this method(s). C. List 5 behavioral interview questions you would ask. D. Describe the background checks you would conduct on this new hire. Explain why you selected these checks. E. Describe how you will ensure no discrimination takes place in your hiring practice. (22 points) 4. Select a current performance issue in your organization or workplace. Create a needs assessment plan that describes all 3 aspects of the assessment process. What methods will you use to collect the necessary needs assessment data? (10 points)

Required Materials Textbook

Robert Mathis and John Jackson. Human Resource Management, 15th Edition, 2016 Thompson ISBN: 978-1-1305500709


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