question archive You are employed as a Senior Office Manager in a call center based in London

You are employed as a Senior Office Manager in a call center based in London

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You are employed as a Senior Office Manager in a call center based in London. The company provides customer care services to a UK fashion retailer. Your company reduces operating cost by having remote call center agents who are based in the UK but has got access to a network of computers, a call center software, a headset and a reliable Internet connection. You maintain a team of 10 people, 6 of them are administrative clerks and 4 are senior managers who deal with customer complaints, retention and cancellation. The Managing Director has announced that the offices will be relocated to the area around Salford , Manchester in order to reduce costs. He has asked you to lead a small team from the office and involve consultants to plan and execute this move. She wishes to retain the same size administrative team. In his announcement, he also confirmed the three core targets associated with the move. These include:

a) Real-time Control System: Creation of several easy-to-read dashboards and quality heat maps which will help agents, supervisors and executives to understand current performance and how it relates to the team and overall goals. Ideally, the new system should be able to provide an aggregated view of real-time and historical data in addition to regular reports. Agent scorecards and recorded calls should also be accessible through the new system for easy drill down within the same tool.

b) Remote Trainings: The call center agents need to be aware about changing industry trends and should be able to adapt according to the technological advancements. In a call center industry, these upgradations or add-ons happen way too fast. Creating a mechanism to carefully hand-pick strategies to train all the remote call center agents accordingly, via video, voice or chat modules.

c) Continuing Profitability: Continuing to grow business income by 10% annually by reducing the physical costs associated with business premises management, improving the IT systems for the business and minimizing the human resource costs associated with the move particularly associated with redundancy, recruitment and training by using innovative cloud based solutions.

Please answer the following questions based on the above scenario

1. Evaluate the benefits of a project communication plan to stakeholders of a project.

2. Analyze the factors that can affect communication during a project’s life span

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