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The diversity of the U

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The diversity of the U.S. population has changed significantly over several decades, and more shifts are expected over the next 10 to 20 years. Some examples include:

Construction firms are employing large numbers of Hispanic/Latinos and they must adapt their recruiting, training, and safety practices to reflect this diversity in their workforce;

Manufacturing, hospitality, and retail companies have significantly increased the number of minority and women managers and employees over the past several decades, which has resulted in more African America, Latino, and women customers;

Long-haul trucking companies are focusing on recruiting and training women to counter a growing shortage of drivers over the next decade.

             1. What do you think are the major reasons that more organizations are recruiting a diverse workforce?             2. What are some ways that recruiting could and should be done differently to attract more African Americans? Latinos? Women?             3. What are some ways that training could/should be done differently for African Americans? Latinos? Women? For example, establishing ESL programs, affinity groups, and/or mentoring programs in-house.


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