question archive Excel_10G_Applewood_School Project Description: In the following Project, you will import data about school classroom suppliers

Excel_10G_Applewood_School Project Description: In the following Project, you will import data about school classroom suppliers

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Project Description:

In the following Project, you will import data about school classroom suppliers. You will edit a worksheet detailing the current inventory of two supply types—K-12 classroom supplies and preschool classroom supplies. You will use the DAVERAGE, the DSUM, and the MAXIFS functions and add alt text to an image.


Open the file Excel_10G_Applewood_School.xlsx   downloaded with this project.


Be sure the Classroom Suppliers   Info worksheet is active. Click cell A2. From the Data tab, click Get Data,   and then locate and click the command to get data From Microsoft Access   Database. In the Import Data dialog box, navigate to the files downloaded   with this Project. Click the Access file e10G_Applewood_School_Suppliers.accdb,   and then click Import. Select the 10G School Suppliers table, and then use   the Load To command to import the data into the Existing worksheet. Close the   Queries & Connections pane.

  Mac users: Use the file e10G_Applewood_School_Suppliers_CSV_for_Mac_users.csv,   select the imported data, and on the Insert tab, click Table. Apply Table   Style, Medium 7.


Display the Teaching Staff   worksheet. In cell B18, insert a DAVERAGE function using the range A3:F16 as   the database, that calculates the average Hourly Wage for teachers and using the   criteria in the range C18:C19. Apply Accounting Number Format to your result   in cell B18.


In cell B21, insert a DSUM   function using the range A3:F16 as the database, that calculates the Wage per   Shift for   preschool assistants using the criteria in cells C21:D22. Apply Accounting   Number Format to your result in cell B21.


In cell E18 type Maximum   Teacher Hourly Wage   and then use Format Painter to copy the format from cell C18 to cell E18.   Widen column E to 75 pixels. Use AutoFit if necessary.


In cell E19, begin the MAXIFS   function by typing =maxifs( and then as the max range, select the range representing the Hourly Wage of the Teaching Staff.   Type a comma, and then as the criteria range, select the range representing   the Status of the Staff. Type a   comma, and then as the criteria, click cell C19. Press ENTER. Apply   Accounting Number Format to your result.


Display the Classroom Supplies   Inventory worksheet. Insert a table in the range A7:E19.


Display the Preschool worksheet   and copy the range A1:E11. Display the Classroom Supplies Inventory   worksheet, and then paste the data into cell F6.


Insert a table in the range   F7:J16 and apply Table Style Medium 7. Apply AutoFit to columns H:I.


Sort both tables by Supplier A   to Z and then by Purchase Price Largest to Smallest.


Apply conditional formatting to   the range E8:E19 using the 3 Traffic Lights (Rimmed) icon set.


Apply the same conditional   formatting to the range J8:J16.


In the range C8:C19 create a new   conditional formatting rule using the formula =c8="Labels" and setting the format to Bold   Italic with the Red font color.


Delete the Preschool worksheet.


Check the workbook for   Accessibility. On the Early Learning worksheet, with the image selected, add   the following alt text: Early Learning website Close the Accessibility panes.


Group the four worksheets. From   Page Layout view, insert a header in the right section that displays the   Sheet Name. Go to the footer, and then insert the File Name in the left   section of the footer. Return to Normal view. Press CTRL+HOME to make cell A1   the active cell.


Center the sheets horizontally   on the page. Set the Orientation to Landscape. Set the Width to 1 page and   the Height to 1 page.


Display the document properties.   As the Tags/Keywords, type classroom supplies In the Subject box, type your course name and   section number.


On the left, click Print to   display the Print Preview. Scroll through the four worksheets. On the left,   click Save to save your workbook and return to the workbook window. 


Close the file and exit Excel.   Submit your file for grading.


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