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XYZ Pvt. Limited is one of the producers of secondary steel in India, with more than 3000 employees working in three shifts across different departments. Since Steel Market is very volatile, company was working on a plan to modernize its machineries in order to gain competitive advantage as this would reduce its overall operational cost. The decision makers at ABC Pvt. Ltd. decided to go for it due to rapid urbanization and increasing Steel demand in India. They were also aiming to increase their exports as currently in FY 2019 it was just 15% of their total Sales. Implementation of National Steel policy 2017 also motivated the managers of XYZ Pvt. Ltd. for this change.

Transition was going smooth but then COVID pandemic shook the global markets. Lockdown was implemented in India on 25th March 2019. This came up with several restrictions including the number of workforces allowed, safety protocols to be maintained etc. Another issue which hurt XYZ Pvt. Ltd. badly was supply chain disruption, the outbound logistics department was facing continuous issue of delayed supply. Outbound logistics department was more vulnerable to Covid pandemic as it involved interaction with truck drivers, who have to travel different parts of the country for supplying goods. 

The preloading process at XYZ Pvt. Ltd. involved entry of truck from the main gate. At the gate Alcohol test of the driver was done and they were supposed to fill the details of vehicle. After this they were sent to the loading area where slips were given to them after the loading process was completed. The Pot loading process involved proper lashing of the material, weighing it and putting in the trucks. Documentation involved quality check and signatures from Quality department followed by generating slips containing information about the delivery. Typically, this process required about 3 hours and, in the meantime, drivers used to relax in the campus or avail canteen facilities.


What should be the organization's strategy to effectively deal with current situation and how to deal with such pandemic or emergency situation if it occurs again in future?

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