question archive Form 1009W, Assessing Writing (cont

Form 1009W, Assessing Writing (cont

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Form 1009W, Assessing Writing (cont.)
0-6 pts. 7-8 pts. 9-10 ots.
Does not adequately convey topic. Conveys topic, describes Strong introduction of topic clearly
Does not describe subtopics to be subtopics to be reviewed. delineates subtopicstobe
reviewed. Does not support thesis Generally supports Statement. reviewed. Fully supports thesis
statement. statement.
| . TOPIC BODY 40% |
0-27 pts. 28-35 pts. 36-40 pts.
Did not introduce any aspect.ofthe | Partially introduced some of Solidly introduced all aspects of
topic or any instances were so aspects of the topic. Developed the topic preparedness. Fully
vague as to imply there was much and linked the topic to the linked the topic to the overarching
more information needed. Made overarching theme. The body theme. The body meets 3-5 pages
little attempt to correlate the topic meets 3-5 pages requirement. requirement.
to the overarching theme. The
body is less than three pages. ;
_ CONCLUSION 10% ; ee a
 Q0-6pts. | 7-8 pts. 2 | 9-10 pts. |
The conclusion introduces new The conclusion is one paragraph. The conclusion is one paragraph.
| ideals and/or it does not It summarizes the body paragraphs | It summarizes the body paragraphs
summarize the body paragraphs. but does not conclude the essay. | and concludes the essay.
_ Unsatisfactory Satisfactory : po Superior
. | 9-6 pts. | 7-8 pts. - : . 9-10 pts.
| Little evidence material is Most material clearly related to Str ati d
logically organized into topic, main topic and subtopic. Material . eon 6 rn bet tl ‘thi
subtopics or related to topic. may not be organized within « . a anon s mon, a a 4 mn |
Many transitions are unclear or subtopics. Attempts to provide ‘faking sab ' one te ons
-nonexistent. | variety of transitions. ng Ssudtopics, and main topic.
points for sequencing and transition pe
Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Superior |
0-6 pts. 7-8 pts. 9-10 pts.
Grammatical errors or spelling & Very few grammatical, spelling or i, .
punctuation substantially detract punctuation errors interfere with The paper is tree of gramm atical
from the paper. seading the paper. errors and spelling & punctuation.
points for grammar and correctness pe

Advanced Leader Course
NCO Common Core Competencies
Form 1009W, Assessing Writing
IAW TP 350-70-7 Appendix C Assessment Instruments
RANGE | 0-69 70 - 89 | 90 — 100
a a
COGNITIVE LEVEL ATTAINED: Higher levels include characteristics of lower levels.
Breaking material into constituent parts, determining how
ANALYZING: the parts relate to each other and to an overall structure or
purpose through differentiating, organizing, and
attributing. |
APPLYING: , Carrying out or using a procedure through executing, or
Constructing meaning from oral, written, and graphic
UNDERSTANDING: messages through interpreting, exemplifying, classifying,
summarizing, inferring, comparing, and explaining.
— — doe
REMEMBERING: Retrieving, recognizing, and recallingrelevant knowle g
fromlong-term memory. |
Writing Assignment | :
Analyze and evaluate the major points of your case study for research to write your persuasive essay.
Use your time to develop a deep understanding of your topic to fully explain your stance on the topic.
You are required to give an in depth introduction of your topic. Provide transitional sentences from
one topic to the next. Then develop the body of the paper fully using no less than 3 full pages and no
more than 5 pages, this does not include the APA format title and references page. Finally, provide a
summative conclusion. Provide a total of two references for your references page. Ensure you use
Times New Roman 12 point font and the current APA Writing Style. .
Facilitator’s Comments:
- Facilitator’s Signature: }
= Learner’s Comments: | |
2 | Learner’s Signature: |

Form 1009W, Assessing Writing (cont.)
READABILITY (sentence structure) 10% |
0-6 pts. 7-8 pts. : 9-10 pts.
Word choice is informal in tone. we . we .
Le . Writing has minimal awkward or Writing flows and is easy to
Writing is choppy, with many
unclear passages. follow.
awkward or unclear passages. .
| points for readabili Po
0-3 pts. 4 pts. 5 pts.
Errors in APA style detract No more than 3 errors in APA No errors in APA style.
style that do not detract from the
substantially from the paper. yaper Possesses a Scholarly style.
Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Superior
. Q-3 pts. 4 pts. 5 pts.
No references. Only one properly 2 properly formatted references More than 2 properly formatted
formatted reference that matches . gs was references that match in-text
. “gs a: that match in-text citations within gs na:
in-text citations within the body of , citations within the body of the
th the body of the paper.
€ paper. paper.


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