question archive Katherine is a 72-year-old female residing alone in rural Queensland

Katherine is a 72-year-old female residing alone in rural Queensland

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Katherine is a 72-year-old female residing alone in rural Queensland. She's now retired, having previously worked as an office administrator for almost 50 years, and is usually able to complete tasks at home herself. Katherine's son Tony, however, is worried about her and feels she may be better off with some supported living.

1)During the winter, Katherine gets cold very easily, and spends most evenings under a pile of blankets! Including reference to the effects of aging, interpret Katherine's poor thermoregulation with regards to:

  1. the structural integrity of the skin/effects of ageing on this, and
  2. the mechanisms her body can take to warm her up/attempt to maintain homeostasis.

Unfortunately, when trying to get a cup of tea whilst still wrapped in her blanket, Katherine had a fall which resulted in fractures to her left Humerus and Neck of Femur. As a result, she's currently in hospital, and under your care.

2)When you talk to him, her son Tony expresses shock that a simple fall has led to such serious consequences for his mother! Using patient-friendly terminology that Tony and Katherine can understand,

  1. explain the fracture/healing process to them both;
  2. Discuss three (3) factors which may have contributed to Katherine easily fracturing a bone
  3. when falling.

3. When doing some checks, you notice that one of the medications Katherine is currently prescribed lists "inhibited bile production/release" as a possible adverse effect.

  1. Using your knowledge of the structure and function of the digestive system, clearly explain the two (2) main functions of bile;
  2. Detail the potential risks to Katherine's health, should this adverse-effect occur, and identify two (2) possible signs/symptoms you could look out for.

4. It has been suggested that Katherine take a Vitamin D supplement and increase her daily dietary calcium intake. Critique this suggestion with explicit consideration of Katherine's case, applying your knowledge of the above systems.


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