question archive Write a 8 pages paper on the subject of protection of the computer system

Write a 8 pages paper on the subject of protection of the computer system

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Write a 8 pages paper on the subject of protection of the computer system. The article is based on understanding the way the web browsers can be protected from the Domain Name System (DNS) rebinding attacks. The focus of the article is the development of strong protection against DNS rebinding attacks that defend modern web browsers. A qualitative and exploratory approach has been used in the study and information is collected from secondary sources. The key finding that has been understood from this article is that attackers can exploit the vulnerabilities that exist in the website browser. The DNS rebinding attacks do not necessitate the users to click on a link. By only viewing the advertisements, the attackers can hijack the Internet Protocol (IP) address and accordingly send spam messages, commit fraudulent activities and abuse the open network proxies. Most of the work of the articles concentrates on the evaluation of such attacks exclusively along with providing guidelines for network administrators about the way they can safeguard the computer system.

DNS rebinding attacks are well-known internet security threats where attackers can infiltrate the computer security system by web browsers, java applications and flash applications. These types of attacks can convert web browsers into open network proxies. In order to deal with this attack, DNS pinning is used. However, in several circumstances, DNS pinning is not effective due to vulnerabilities presented by several plug-ins. These plugins offer extra functionalities to different webpages. However, simultaneously, these plugins also allow the attackers to elude DNS pinning. Basically, DNS rebinding attacks are classified into two extensive categories namely firewall circumvention and IP hijacking, depending on the outcome of such attack (Kokkinopoulos, 2009).


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