question archive Write 1 page with APA style on Social Work Values and Ethics

Write 1 page with APA style on Social Work Values and Ethics

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Write 1 page with APA style on Social Work Values and Ethics.

Henrietta is concerned that her elderly client is taking the risk of driving himself to the therapy session because of his state of health. However, after sharing her concern with her client, he gets agitated and leaves the therapy session, and has never returned. The question as to whether Henrietta should inform the authority or not is an issue of ethical responsibilities the social worker owes to their client and society (NASW Delegate Assembly, 2008).

I think Henrietta should not information the authority about the issue because she has no consent of the customer and no evidence that her client has violated the law. I believe she played her role by sharing her concern with her client about the dangers he was exposing himself and others by driving in his condition (NASW Delegate Assembly, 2008). Since the client left and has not come back, she cannot be sure whether he continues to drive the car even after sharing her concern with him. The responsibility of the social worker to their clients is very crucial.

Thus, the employee must demonstrate absolute loyalty to their customers. This includes maintaining the confidentiality of the client's information shared between them (NASW Delegate Assembly, 2008). Social workers must demonstrate ethical responsibilities to their colleagues, profession, clients, work setting, and society.


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