question archive write an article on Internet Use and How It Affected Culture

write an article on Internet Use and How It Affected Culture

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write an article on Internet Use and How It Affected Culture. It needs to be at least 1750 words. Internet growth has been associated with modernity theory. a theory that postulates that there are various features of modern societies that the traditional societies must collectively embrace in order to develop to greater heights. An example of such futuristic characteristics of modernity implies that the modern societies in which we live are perceived to technologically have modern education, social differentiation such as division and labor and specialization as well as an established technological innovation (Bidgoli 2004, p.123). Internet growth and use henceforth fall under the technological innovation of modern societies. Internet growth in modernity has taken place in phases. Initially, internet use had a limited impact on people as opposed to the contemporary world. In the walk of moving from being traditional to being modern, various stages must be involved in the innovations technologically. Internet growth and use have been a homogenizing process. The impact of internet use on the current social, political, and social world has been consolidated together with various diverse effects being linked to the political economy and the youth culture. Internet growth homogeneity refers to the tendency of internet growth to produce a convergence wavelength among societies. As time goes by, the societies are likely to resemble one another as a result of the informational role of internet use. This is because the patterns of internet growth are such that the more highly internet use improves in societies. the more individuals in these societies resemble modern and complex lifestyles.

Internet growth has outrageously led to westernization. Westernization as a process is the same as modernization. In westernization or modernization literature, there is ultimately an attitude of complacency towards the Western Europe and the United States. these nations are viewed overly as being at the epitome of the internet and technological culture advancement. Additionally, these nations are viewed as having unmatched economic prosperity and domestic stability. Internet growth has portrayed diverse effects in the socio-political system due to its irreversible nature as a process. &nbsp.Internet growth, as well as use, once started cannot stop whatsoever.


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