question archive 1) Name the motions associated with or suggested by: a

1) Name the motions associated with or suggested by: a

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1) Name the motions associated with or suggested by:

a.           A.Horizontal lines

b.           B. Vertical lines

c.            c. Diagonal lines

d.           d. Curved lines

2. What are the colors of the spectrum?

3. What determines the color of an object? Give examples.

4. How do painters, sculptors or architects create different textures on their work?

5.Why is design important for an artist? For an observer?

6. How is the harmony achieved in the visual arts?

7. How will you avoid monotony while achieving harmony?

8. How is the principle of good proportion achieved in painting? In sculpture?

9. How is the quality of design called emphasis produced?

10.By what artistic standard must a building be measured?

11. Why is strength no longer synonymous with massive architecturally?

12. What is "the womb and bosom" of the development of the arts in the Philippines?

13.What are the different mediums in painting? Describe each briefly.

14. What medium is popular to painters? Why?

15. What are the characteristics of the surface most suitable for oil painting?

16. Why are good watercolor paintings not easy to make?

17. What materials are available for sculptors to use as medium? Give an advantage and disadvantage of each

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