question archive Shelly Cashman Excel 2019 | Module 2: End of Module Project 1 Elvita Da Costa 1

Shelly Cashman Excel 2019 | Module 2: End of Module Project 1 Elvita Da Costa 1

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Shelly Cashman Excel 2019 | Module 2: End of Module Project 1

Elvita Da Costa

1. Brad Kauffman is the senior director of projects for Rivera Engineering in Miami, Florida. The company

performs engineering projects for public utilities and energy companies. Brad has started to create an

Excel workbook to track estimated and actual hours and billing amounts for each project. He asks you to

format the workbook to make the information clearer and easier to interpret.

Go to the

Employees for Projects

worksheet. Change the worksheet theme to Office.

Change the workbook theme.

2. In cell A1, decrease the font size to 18 point and change the fill color to Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80%.

Change the font size.

Change the fill color of a cell.

3.Center the values in the range B3:B9.


Center cell content.

4. Add Outside Borders to the range A1:C9.

Add a border to a range.

5. Change the color of the

Employees for Projects

worksheet tab to Blue, Accent 1.

Change the color of a worksheet tab.

6. Go to the Project Tracking worksheet. In cell B2, change the date format of cell B2 to Short Date and

resize column B to its best fit.

Change the date format.

Change the column width.

7.Display the values in the range D4:D13 with one decimal place.

Change the number format.

8. In cell F4, insert a formula using the


function that multiplies Aubrey Irwin's estimated hours

and his pay rate (the range


). Fill the range F5:F13 with the formula in cell F4.

Create a formula using a function.

Copy a formula into a range.

9.Apply the Currency number format to the range F4:F13 using a dollar sign ($) and two decimal places.

Change the number format.

10. Display the values in the range K4:K13 as percentages with a percent (%) sign and no decimal places. Use Conditional Formatting Highlight Cells Rules to format cells containing a value greater than10%

with Light Red Fill with Dark Red Text.

Change the number format.

Apply a conditional formatting rule.

Apply a conditional formatting rule.

11.In the range H4:H13, use Conditional Formatting to create a Data Bars rule with the Gradient Fill Blue

Data Bar color option.

Apply a conditional formatting rule that uses data bars.

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