question archive Reflective essay  Communication in the workplace is important for every good reason

Reflective essay  Communication in the workplace is important for every good reason

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Reflective essay 

Communication in the workplace is important for every good reason. Throughout the course, I have learned many concepts through the many assignments that I have completed refereeing to different audiences. Professional business environments require one to have a clear understanding after reading a memo or email asking for a promotion. Business writing is different from the normal writing such as writing a college essay or email. Business professionals address themselves to many people within and outside their organizations for instance employers, supervisors, staff members, and other departments. After college one has to prepare to transition into a professional environment. Therefore, the knowledge skills gained in this course are essential in ensuring that we suit our professional needs out there.

Ethical communication is the standard way of communication within a company or employment includes honesty, transparency, democracy and respectful transfer of information. Therefore, business people should analyze their situations and make appropriate decisions and business plans.

Verbal and non-verbal communication are interconnected and they define a person’s behavior and choices. Nonverbal communication reinforces verbal communication through the use of physical actions or gestures to attach meaning to a sentence. It includes the use of accents, compliments to regulate verbal communication. Positive gestures enhance business communication.

Resumes and employment letters are a part of written communication. It I essential for effective communication if a person would like to show their skills. They act as material for the development of the human resource during the hiring process. They have since replaced verbal communication through the use of words.

Academic document writing requires one to understand the needs and requirements of the audience. Any writing must serve a particular purpose and deliver the required message using the required information.

Through reflective essays, we are taught to gain understanding of the skills gained in class and our own thinking. It is important to use self-reflection in business environments. The top management often conduct self-reflection tests for example CEOs, doctors and managerial persons.

The topic also emphasizes on the importance of intercultural communication. Globalization has made it easier for people to travel across the world. Traveling and engaging with people requires one to understand different cultures. The interaction with different people requires skills in intercultural communication without being judgmental.

Teams or groups work efficiently within an organization because of workgroup development. It involves training employees as per the stages of learning to develop work group skills or teamwork. The teams work together to achieve a goal of the organization or solve and plan a project together.

Interpersonal communication with other is essential and requires the application of different skills that make your communication effective. They could be passive, aggressive and assertive. They affect communication either positively or negatively depending on how an individual may present themselves.

Workgroup development, verbal and non-verbal communication are important factors for most career choices. The fulfilment of an individual’s future aspirations requires the development of communicative ability to develop their skills and knowledge. Through verbal communication, one can convince people, interpret ideas and enhance their business relations. Positive teamwork is beneficial for organizations to achieve their goals.

Therefore, effective communication plays an important tool in ensuring that organizations remain successful. The different forms of communication apply to different situations requiring a specific approach. One must know which type of communication to apply to a particular situation. Great communication enhances teamwork and overall output in an organization.



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