question archive 1) Which DNA nucleotide pairs with C? a

1) Which DNA nucleotide pairs with C? a

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1) Which DNA nucleotide pairs with C?

a. A

b. T

c. G

d. C

2.Which of the following statements regarding DNA is false?

a. DNA uses the sugar deoxyribose.

b. DNA uses the nitrogenous base uracil.

c. One DNA molecule can include four different nucleotides in its structure.

d. DNA molecules have a sugar-phosphate backbone.

3.Which enzyme separates the two DNA strands during DNA replication?

a. Helicase

b. Ligase

c. Primase

d. DNA polymerase

4.Which of the following processes helps both Eukaryotes and Bacteria package their DNA?

a. Transcription

b. Supercoiling

c. Splicing

d. Origin

5.After all proofreading and error repair is done, what is the error rate of DNA Replication?

a. 1 in 1,000

b. 1 in 100,000

c. 1 in 1,000,000

d. 1 in 1,000,000,000

6.Which of the following options depicts the flow of information in a cell

a. RNA → DNA → RNA → Protein

b. DNA → RNA → Protein

c. Protein → RNA → DNA

d. None of the above

7.What signals the start point for RNA Transcription?

a. AUG

b. UGA

c. Promoter

d. Primer

8.Which of the following controls which nucleotide is placed next during RNA Transcription?

a. RNA Polymerase

b. Hydrogen Bonding Patterns

c. Ribosomes

d. tRNA

9.Which part of the tRNA "complements" during Protein Translation?

a. mRNA

b. Amino Acid

c. Ribosome

d. None of the above

10.How does a ribosome know to where to stop Protein Translation?

a. It reaches the end of the mRNA.

b. It reaches a codon that has no tRNA to translate it.

c. It runs out of amino acids.

d. It reads the stop point in the mRNA.

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