question archive Write a brief description of the case study you selected

Write a brief description of the case study you selected

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Write a brief description of the case study you selected. Then, based on the case study, explain one conflict between personal values and professional ethics a social worker might encounter. Explain how a social worker in the case study might use one particular ethical principle or ethical theory to resolve this conflict. Finally, explain whether the resolution obtained using the theory or principle you selected is the best resolution for the conflict. Justify your response using the NASW Code of Ethics, Learning Resources, or other scholarly resources. Effective resources and discussion should be at least 400 words or more

The case

In the school system, you are a social worker who is working with Dana, an eight-year-old child. You have been working with her on developing her social skills and developing good peer relationships. In one of your sessions, she shares with you that she is unhappy living at home with her mother and her new boyfriend. She states they “fuss too much” and “drink lots of beer.” She denies any abuse from either the mother or the boyfriend.  She is always on time for school, appropriately dressed, and appears cared for well. She states that her father hired a lawyer and is trying to get her to come to live with him. However, she cannot tell her mother any of this information, because her Dad is afraid she will try to stop him.

A week later, Dana’s mother calls you, asks you how Dana is responding to your sessions, and if she has shared anything with you that might explain her behavior at home. She states, at home, Dana’s behavior is distant, and she appears anxious. She rarely answers any questions about school when her mother asks. Her mother is very concerned and states she would like to meet with you and discuss how she can help her daughter. She makes an appointment with you for tomorrow. What will you discuss with her? 


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