question archive Write a 1500 words paper on the topic Analysis of a Play in the Theatre

Write a 1500 words paper on the topic Analysis of a Play in the Theatre

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Write a 1500 words paper on the topic Analysis of a Play in the Theatre.

‘Dog Lady’ is a play that captivates the spirit of comedy in its truest sense. The play encapsulates a spirit that binds humans together. Full with the spirit of neighborliness and a very intact and strong religious faith that binds the people of the small ethnic community, ‘Dog Lady’ is didactic but is completely devoid of any pain or tone of suffering. Chirping music is an all-pervading theme of the play and the mystic character of the dog lady considerably adds humor and optimism to the play.

Comedy is not at all complete without pain and suffering. There are a lot of comedies that captivate the theme of pain and suffering in their plot. Even the greatest comedies of Shakespeare have themes of pain and suffering as subplots but comedy is generally written to amuse people and therefore comedy like ‘Dog Lady’ or Sheridan’s “School Of Scandals” will always be appreciated.2) Dog is a symbol of subvert creatures but then one must not forget at all that the greatest icon of faithfulness or loyalty is also represented by a dog.

Here, the dog stands for the theme of comic relief and a sense or a reason rather than bind a community and celebrate the spirit of togetherness and neighborliness.3) The complete absence of faithlessness in the lives of the characters changes with healing touches and redeeming light of faith from the presence of the mystic dog lady. The playwright believes in a utopian concept of society and reaffirms his faith in neighborliness and togetherness which is also essentially revealed through the course of action and the plot of the play.1) The play is fabulous with the representation of the broken American Dreams and disillusioned faith of American Mythology.

The characters in the play “Buried Child” are all strange and show a very unique kind of detachment and disillusionment from family. Perhaps through this strange behavior of his characters, Sam Shepherd, the playwright tried to portray the theme of economic depression in America, the breaking of the families as a consequence of it, and the disillusionment behind the American Dream. All the characters including Tilden occupy an unconventional space which is not very clear within the family.

He does not stay with his parents and very rarely visits them. Bradley has unexpectedly shown a violent and means attitude which is a very disturbing element for the audiences too. Bradley’s awful behaviors are more striking than his character.&nbsp.


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