question archive Write a 8 pages paper on direct, interactive & digital marketing

Write a 8 pages paper on direct, interactive & digital marketing

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Write a 8 pages paper on direct, interactive & digital marketing.

Direct marketing is highly contributing to the growth of digital marketing and social media in the following ways. First, direct marketing is leading many firms to move from the monopolistic nature of marketing to the competitive type of market. Most firms are doing so in order to reach many clients across the world. In addition, they agree into the competitive market to be flexible in terms of their production to meet the customers demand. For instance, Tesco offers its clients with variety of products in its various branches across the world.

It enables its clients to buy products online thus making it more competitive market.

Moreover, direct marketing leads to the development of information environment within the society. That is. it opened transmission between individuals. Moreover, direct marketing made socialization and the society possible. The transformation of information networks is another significant role of direct marketing in the development of digital marketing and social media. Direct marketing is highly transforming information into the market place therefore giving clear understanding between the individuals.

For example, Tesco club card is offering more discounting to the employees depending on how the client will agree with company management. In addition, one will also receive a voucher depending on the frequency of using the Tesco Club card. Moreover, the information, will aid to remove old barriers in the marketing industry and thus reducing inconvenience in the marketing industry.

The message sent will not be distorted. That is the message you sent will ever be saved because of the backup from the sent items from the sending company.

In addition, direct marketing is a faster way that can enable an individual to reach the audience quickly and without many difficulties.


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