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The SPSS file HOUSEHOLD_SURVEY.SAV contains 6,555 completed questionnaires on the expenditures of Greek households. It is based on Household Budget Surveys Standards of European Commission Statistical Authority (EUROSTAT).


The data file contains 112 variables, from which 60 refer to expenditures and 52 to demographic characteristics. The main groups of expenditures are 12 (1: FOOD & NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, 2: BEVERAGES, TOBACCO & NARCOTICS, etc., up to 12: MISCELANEOUS GOODS & SERVICES). They break down to 2-digit subgroups. For example, the main group of a household expenditure:

5: HOUSEHOLD EQUIPMENT is subdivided into six sub-categories:

5.1 Furniture, 5.2 Household Textiles, 5.3 Household Appliances, 5.4 Glassware, 5.5 Tools for House & Garden, and 5.6 Household Routine Maintenance.


You are asked to choose any five 2-digit subgroups of expenditure and analyse them as follows:


1. Use appropriate graphs to present the behaviour of expenditures. In particular,


1.1. Construct the Histograms.

1.2. Construct the Boxplots.


2. Examine the differences of expenditures between different groups of households with respect to three demographic characteristics (e.g. Population Density, Type of Dwelling, Main Source of Income, etc.). Construct the Multiple Boxplots (Boxplot Simple & Summaries for groups of cases).


3. Comment on your results.

Evaluation criteria are the understanding of the methods, and the familiarity in use of computer software. Particular attention will be given to the structure and presentation of your work, which must have a business report style.


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