question archive Write a 13 pages paper on human resource management in renault

Write a 13 pages paper on human resource management in renault

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Write a 13 pages paper on human resource management in renault.

Renault strives to maintain and abide by all legal considerations of employment practice, and at the same time attempts to highlight ethical and environmental conditions for the well-being of their employees. In the context of recruitment or giving opportunities for promotion and salary hike, there is no discrimination made based on race, nationality, gender, religion or any kind of physical disability. All employees get equal opportunities when duties are assigned to them or responsibilities are bestowed on them.

Similarly, every employee is given the right to demand disciplinary action against any kind of harassment in the workplace. Renault takes particular care so that no individual who is below the minimum working age of 15 allowed by the law is employed in their workplace. Also, Renault does not enforce obligations on its employees to continue their service and has given the right to leave their jobs. Renault being a multinational automobile company takes care to abide by all the laws in every country and region where it has its activities in the context of minimum wages, overtime, wage deductions, and bonus or other rewards.

Similarly, Renault follows the legal rules of all countries and regions in the context of deciding the working hours of employees including their overtime hours, and schedules leave and annual vacations. Renault also recognizes the rights of every employee based on the laws of each country or region of operation. Renault also gives high importance to the maintenance of a safe working environment to ensure the health and safety of its employees and makes every effort to prevent occupational accidents.

Management essentially means organizing the environment for the purpose of getting things done by others. A competent manager needs to implement strategies to make the employees of the organization perform their duties efficiently and with minimum errors as possible and to make the production workers produce things at a competitive cost.


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